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Training Materials

Below, under Basic Training Packages, users can find training modules that help you learn not only how to open journals and download full-text articles from the OARE website, but also how to use OARE’s search databases to find articles about specific topics in thousands of scientific journals from major publishers around the world.

OARE users who arelooking for more in-depth information may want to check the Authorship Skills series of documents created by our colleagues in the HINARI programme.

OARE Short Course (September 2011)
Format: PowerPoint (7.81 MB)
Language: English

OARE Access Problems and Solutions for Full-Text Articles (June 2011)
Format: PDF (679 kB)
Language: English

SCOPUS: Searching for Scientific Articles (May 2010)
Format: PowerPoint (2.75 MB)
Language: English

Introduction to OARE (June 2010)
Format: PDF (1.16 MB)
Language: Arabic

Authorship Skills - A series of documents and presentation from the HINARI Web site
Format: Word, PowerPoint
Language: English

Training Module 1: Registering, the OARE Website Interface, Opening Journals and Full Text Articles from the OARE Website (October 2008)
Format: PDF (279 kB)
Language: English
Training Module 2: Searching for Scientific Research Using Environment Index (EBSCO) (October 2008)
Format: PDF (kB)
Language: English
Training Module 3: Searching for Scientific Research Using Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management (CSA) (December 2007)
Format: PDF (kB)
Language: English

OARE Information Sheet [pdf 142kb]

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OARE Poster [pdf 915kb]

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